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New Tumblr account

I have a new Tumblr account. Check it out! I will be posting pictures of art, but not only. No blah, just a beautiful photo album:



New series coming up

I am currently working on a new science-fiction series. Here is a preview:


Another Time, Another Place

"Another Time, Another Place", oil and pastels on canvas, 48" x 60", 122cm x 152cm.


"The avant-Garde Ideal"

by Andrew McGinn

... "Veronique Le Merre makes choices that are meant to beautify criticism, particularly in the use of opulent, saturate color and coherent, figurative representation."

... "Le Merre turns escapism, long the pejorative title given to bourgeois works that lack relevance and utility, on its head. The inviting and super-saturate images project naiveté while the content is anything but innocent. To escape into Little Red Riding Hood’s world is an irony because everything about the character herself has more depth and reality in relation to vital urges than popular discourse about Little Red Riding Hood, or pubescent children, allows. There is an escape to reality, and that is the radical enchantment of Le Merre’s paintings. The palatable use of elements effects a harmonious relationship between the art and the audience, while the content effects a disunity with popular culture, and a laugh."

"The Avant-Garde Ideal"

"The Little Enchanted World of Fairy Tales"

Gallery 110, Seattle



Gallery 110-3

Gallery 110-4

Gallery 110-5