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Paysages de montagne - Mountain landscapes

Ah, l'hiver entier confinés dans les Alpes! Le résultat? L' envie de peindre tout un tas de paysages de montagne.

A winter confined in the Alps inspired a new wave of mountain landscapes.

Le 15 avril 2021. April 15th 2021..


More Pictures

Photo session, yesterday. I am now adding new paintings to this website.

Séance de photos, hier soir. De nouveaux tableaux à voir sur le site.

November 22nd 2020. Le 22 novembre 2020.


About artist statements

I recently found this quote, in a French novel. It made my day! For those of you who read French:

"Ne pas parler mais peindre, ne pas user des forces précieuses à ergoter pour dire les mêmes banalités que les autres, mais peindre (...), pour ne pas faire celle qui sait avant les autres, mieux que les autres, surtout pas, pas comme elle avait fait quand elle était jeune, à philosopher et à palabrer sur tout ce qui lui tenait à coeur, à tartiner tout ce qu' elle faisait par plus de mots qu' il n' en fallait pour asphyxier dix générations d' artistes - alors non, plus un mot, ça suffit (...). Elle a la chance d' avoir un art qui peut parler sans avoir à ouvrir sa gueule, alors elle ne s' en prive pas."

Laurent Mauvignier, "Histoires de la Nuit".

October 15th 2020. 15 Octobre 2020.

Less social media, more of this page

I have left Facebook and Instagram. Therefore, I invite those of you who wish to keep in touch to occasionally visit this page.

J' ai récemment fermé tous mes comptes Facebook et Instagram. Pour prendre des nouvelles, c' est par ici, désormais.

October 15th 2020.15 Octobre 2020.

Armory Artweeks, New York City

I am happy to annonce that two of my pictures, "Room and Board" and "The Great Thirst" were selected for the Artbox Project. The Artbox Project will take place during the Armory Artweeks, in New York City, March 5th to 16th 2018.

Artbox Project

New Life, New Home, New Studio

The last couple of years have been a little bit hectic. My husband and I moved to Europe. We didn't have much of a plan, at first, just the desire of a new adventure. We're now settled in lovely Normandy (Camembert, anyone?). To be honest, for a while, I spent more time painting the walls of our new house than new canvases. This is now over and I am back in the studio full time. So stay tuned: there will be lots of new pictures and series coming up soon!


New Tumblr Account

I have a new Tumblr account. Check it out! I will be posting pictures of art, but not only. No blah, just a beautiful photo album:

New Series Coming

I am currently working on a new science-fiction series. Here is a preview:

Another Time, Another Place

"The Avant-Garde Ideal"

by Andrew McGinn

... "Veronique Le Merre makes choices that are meant to beautify criticism, particularly in the use of opulent, saturate color and coherent, figurative representation."

... "Le Merre turns escapism, long the pejorative title given to bourgeois works that lack relevance and utility, on its head. The inviting and super-saturate images project naiveté while the content is anything but innocent. To escape into Little Red Riding Hood’s world is an irony because everything about the character herself has more depth and reality in relation to vital urges than popular discourse about Little Red Riding Hood, or pubescent children, allows. There is an escape to reality, and that is the radical enchantment of Le Merre’s paintings. The palatable use of elements effects a harmonious relationship between the art and the audience, while the content effects a disunity with popular culture, and a laugh."

Read the rest

"The Little Enchanted World of Fairy Tales"

Gallery 110, Seattle

Gallery 110

Gallery 110

Gallery 110

Gallery 110

Gallery 110